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Greengrass Wealth Management is a full-service wealth management and investment firm with the expertise to grow your wealth and ensure your long-term prosperity.

In today’s volatile world it can be difficult to know where to invest your money to achieve stable returns. What if you could access personal and corporate wealth management, from the people with the expertise to help you to make those crucial investment decisions?

Our company creates wealth plans and investment strategies attuned to your precise needs and circumstances. Greengrass Wealth Management will enable you to achieve the genuine financial freedom you deserve.


At Greengrass Wealth Management, we believe that anyone with the right desire and discipline can achieve financial wellbeing.

We work closely with our clients to draw up detailed, highly personalised investment plans, while guiding, coaching and empowering them, ensuring they have the best possible chance of reaching their financial goals. The foundation of our wealth management philosophy is a holistic, integrated plan based on the client’s personal circumstances, resources and life goals, from which a tailor-made strategy is developed to achieve those stated goals.

Because we are independent, we can evaluate and analyse an array of products from different service providers, and offer you customised solutions. We stay abreast of investment trends and economic indicators, and are constantly on the lookout for new opportunities to optimise your investments.


Investment Planning

Whether you’re looking to make your first investment, or wanting to protect your existing savings, Greeengrass Wealth Management will help you to find the best solution for your financial needs.

Greengrass Wealth Management is different to most financial planning practices.

We are our clients’ partners on their lifelong investment journey. We don’t do “off-the-shelf solutions”. Your plan is customised to your individual financial needs. Our consultants will structure a programme according to your specific investment horizons and appetite for risk.

Retirement Planning

Most people dream of a retirement where they can enjoy the fruits of their hard work.

Most people dream of a retirement where they can enjoy the fruits of their hard work. However, many put off saving for their retirement until it’s too late. Research shows that 57% of retirees wish they had done more to save for their retirement when they were still earning.

The complexity and time required to build a sound retirement portfolio can be daunting, yet it need not be. Whatever your age or financial position, proper retirement planning is critical. And the sooner you start, the better.

Income and Life Protection

In the event of your untimely death or a chronic illness, you want to ensure that your family will be provided for.

As an authorised independent advisory firm, Greengrass Wealth Management can source competitive quotes from a wide selection of reputable insurance companies.

Succession Planning

Ensure your dependents’ needs are provided for.

Our Solutions

Although it is a difficult subject to think about, we will all leave the world one day. However we have a responsibility to our loved ones to ensure that their financial stability is not compromised.

It is a myth that only the wealthy need estate planning. In fact, most people can benefit from proper succession planning. Greengrass Wealth Management can handle any estate planning process, no matter the size. If your estate is small, your plan needn’t be complicated. It could consist of a simple will and life insurance policy.

For larger estates, planning tends to be more complex, extending to a will, trusts, life insurance and tax exclusions. Our experienced financial advisors can assist with all the elements of estate and succession planning. A large part of the plan is deciding on how to distribute your property, money and other assets after your death in accordance with your wishes. You need to have your say in who receives what – whether it’s family, charities or other institutions.



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138 Athol Street, Highlands North, Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa

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