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Natal Pools is a KwaZulu-Natal based pool construction company with a commitment to excellence that provides high quality workmanship and a reliable service.

Natal Pools strives to offer its customers the absolute finest pools - by using quality materials in the construction thus providing a hassle free pool. Everything we do is geared towards ensuring that we remain your service supplier of choice. We are constantly evolving in order to become more flexible in our operations, more creative in our designs and to provide our customers with a reliable service with quality workmanship.


We have been a proud member of SAIOSH for the past 7 years.

We have been a member of the NSPI (National spa and pool Institute) since 2002 and in 2012 were awarded for long service award.

Currently we are the second longest serving member in KZN with 16 years membership.


Domestic New Pools

New pools are constructed from beginning to end. It is well noted that as we are working in the clients personal space, all efforts are made to minimise the mess and disruption during the construction phase. The transformation of your garden into a dream reality instantaneously erases the inconvenience caused during the pool construction.

Commercial New Pools

We specialise in the construction and renovation of commercial pools. This includes school, hotel and public pools. We have also renovated school pools by converting the old imperial (20m x 10m) pools to the metric standard 25m x 13m pools. This conversion consists of breaking the sides and floor of the old pool up and joining on a new section to comply to the metric standards.


We continuously strive to lead by innovation and new ideas, keeping up with the trends and new products. This enables us to bring back to life of the older pools and offer the range starting with the basic affordable renovation and ending up with the exquisite range incorporating water features, Marble, Granite and the conversion of standard pools to rim flow pools.


The pool interior generally consists of Marblelite. This is made up of a mixture of Marble dust and White cement. This surface can get rough over time due to a number of factors. The traditional method will be to Remarble the pool interior. During the preparation stage, we apply a very high latex and cement based slurry to not only assist in the prevention of stains appearing in the new marble, but it also assists in the mechanical bonding onto the old surface.

Fiber lining

Lately this has been proven to be more durable than Marblelite, and in most cases the preferred option. Due to the cost of the materials it is considered to be more expensive than the traditional Marble, but it can withstand a lot more abuse than Marble. The nature of the materials in this product tends to not only assist in chemical pool maintenance, the pool surface is also a lot easier to clean.


Paving is the most common method used as pool surround. The basic types of paving are a clay baked paver or a cement based paver.

In both options, all our pavers are placed on a steel reinforced cement base. The concrete base ensures that the pool apron remains in place for many years, keeping your pool intact and ensuring a hassle free pool.

Wooden Decking

As an alternative, we also offer wooden decking as pool surround.

This has become a very popular option as opposed to the paving.

All our structures consist of CCA pressure treated timber and the deck boards could be out of CCA treated pine or the more dense Belau.

Gunite Services

The Gunite section of the pool is the concrete structure. The strength of the pool shell determines the life of the pool so in short, a good concrete structure ensures a lasting pool.

We are the only NSPI pool company in KZN that does our Guniting in house without the use of a sub-contractor.

We offer our services to other pool companies as well as to structural engineering. It has become common practice to use Gunite on banks to prevent soil erosion and on road bridges as structural support.


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9 Downie Crescent, Queensmead Industrial Park, Queensburgh 4147, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa