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Based in Johannesburg with over 16 years experience in the leak detection field, we pride ourselves on being honest, professional and reliable. We consistently provide quality service and practical, cost-effective solutions.


The location of underground leaks can be a costly exercise caused by having to dig up large areas in order to ascertain the position of the leak. Using the latest technology, we are able to isolate the location of the leak and therefore eliminate any unnecessary and costly digging.

We do this by turning off all visible taps, and/or valves on the premises, as well as doing an aucoustical check to the pipeline to hear if there are any sounds of a pipe leaking. We then isolate the main meter and insert a tracing gas into the pipeline. This gas will escape from the hole or break in the pipeline. An electronic sensor machine is then used to pick up the escaping gas.

The above method is also effective in the location of gas pipe leaks.

An alternative method is the use of a ground microphone. This machine is capable of picking up the sound of a leaking pipe. The above also includes the leaking of pipes in the wall.

We also offer tracing of pipelines. This service includes galvanised and copper pipes, electrical cables, stormwater and sewer lines. This is achieved through the use of a transmitter and a hand held locator.

In addition to this, we offer leak detection on swimming pool pipes and pond pipes.

We have had over sixteen years experience in the leak detection field and ten years in the swimming pool industry.

We are currently working for over one hundred and fifty plumbing, pool and gas companies as well as numerous property management groups.

Our specialised leak detection teams ensure a fast and efficient service, always striving to go the extra mile for our clients.

As we are based in Johannesburg we service several areas including Pretoria, East Rand, Westrand, Southrand up to Vanderbijlpark. Due to this the pricing of jobs may differ according to the distances that have to be travelled.

Please feel free to contact us for any further information you require on the specialised location of your particular leak.


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42 Roslin Street, Sydenham, Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa

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