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Taking care of the pests that bug you, because we care!

5 Reasons to Hire Pest Control Technologies (Pty) Ltd.

Anyone who's ever seen a cockroach scurry across the kitchen floor or heard a rat having more action in the bedroom than they do, knows that sharing a building with pests is a problem. Pest infestations can damage the property, create an uncomfortable atmosphere for your family and (because nobody want to enter the kitchen or gets any sleep), in some cases, contaminate your home, office or restaurant.

The quickest and most effective method of eliminating unwanted pests? It's not at the hardware store or DIY Pinterest remedies. For lasting, safe pest control you should hire Pest Control Technologies (Pty) Ltd to treat your home/office or restaurant for the unwanted insects and/or rodents. Pest Control Technologies (Pty) Ltd will take care of the pests that bug you!

1. We can identify & eliminate many different types of pests including cockroaches, ants, rats & mice, termites, etc.

Different types of baits, chemicals and innovative methods are required to control different types of pests. A registered pest control technician will know the safe, proper dosages of these chemicals to apply and when & where to apply them.

We have the training and experience to identify the types of pests entering your property and determine how best to control them.

2. Aside from being creepy, pests can carry harmful diseases and hazardous bacteria that can expose your family members or colleagues to illness. For instance, rats can carry Hanta Virus, cockroaches carry E coli, etc.

3. We can maximize the effect of a pest control treatment by also locating the source of the infestation. If you eliminate the pests but don't find the source attracting them to your home, more infestations are likely. Pest Control Technologies can determine the cause of your problem, find the specific source and eliminate or address it to prevent future infestations.

4. Pest Control Technologies can provide quicker and more effective results. Because of our experience and most of the chemicals that we use, are not be readily available to consumers, we can quickly implement pest control management plans and efficiently eliminate all pests in a relatively short amount of time.

5. The cost of hiring Pest Control Technologies (Pty) Ltd can even save you money over time. Many pests and rodents can damage your home — destroying wires in the roof, carpets, clothes, foundations, floors, furniture, and food stuff. This can eventually lead to structural damage that require repair or expensive fixes. Paying a registered pest control professional to eradicate the pest infestation quickly and effectively can protect your property.

Treatment costs or the exact price of a pest control treatment depends on the type of pest, size and location of the property, severity of the problem and many other factors.

You can also contract with Pest Control Technologies (Pty) Ltd or from as little as R142.50 VAT included per month with PCT Residential (Pty) Ltd, to proactively treat your property at periodic intervals during the year to ensure your office, restaurant, shop or home remains pest-free all year round.

More About us...

Pest Control Technologies (Pty) Ltd renders pest control services to Residential, Commercial and Industrial clients for the control of the full spectrum of pest problems resulting from cockroaches, rodents - rats & mice, ants, termites - subterranean & harvesters, bedbugs & fleas, flies, bees, mole crickets, silverfish, spiders, birds, etc. We also offer clearance certificates for wood destroying insects or COC's for property buyers or sellers. See our "pest" pages for more information. Pest Control Technologies was started in 2004 and we are registered with SAPCA (South African Pest Control Association), the controlling body for the pest control industry, and they operate strictly according to the requirements as laid down by the Department of Agriculture, Act 36 of 1947. We are also a 100% Level 4 BBEEE Company.


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