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Holz cabinetry is run by Johannes Schiemann with a German background, and a masters in cabinetry.

Johannes Schiemann will work with you on each project on a personal level. He is fully involved on every step of the project from design to construction and installation.

We hope that in reading through our basic company overview you will understand a little bit more as to what we do and how we are driven to do so. HOLZ CABINETRY specializes in your meticulous construction needs.

We aim to establish a legacy through mechanisms of Trust, Loyalty and Innovation, all at the same time always ensuring 100% Customer satisfaction levels! ‘With Youth at our core we are Driven by Passion, Determination & character. With Experience at hand we Assure the highest levels of Perfection, Precision & Quality. With Integrity navigating us we Live high standards of Ethics, Honesty & Client Satisfaction.”

We specialize in ALL construction services and will perform to the highest standards achievable. By utilizing the latest in conceptual technologies we guarantee your satisfaction.

Consider us, and only us for the following specialized services: 1. Residential & Commercial Construction 2. Professional Wood Joinery - Carpentry .


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