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    Cleaning Ventures

    Off Van Breda & Brink Rd, Barborossa, Constantia 7806, Western Cape, South Africa
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    “Professional, honest, and the best cleaning services for your money”

    Professional Cleaning Services, much more for less...

    In a world where atmospheric gasses, sand, dust and the wrong chemicals play a big part in the hygiene and cleanliness of our living and working space, and where every care needs to be taken to ensure a clean and healthy environment, we come to your aid.

    Domestic Cleaning, Roof high pressure cleaning, Cement or driveways, Offices, Factory floors, tiling areas such as Butcheries and clothing rooms, these are the reasons why we can do it at a much better rate to our Clients than other business who only specialises in, or does one of the fore-mentioned.

    We tailor your contract to suit the needs of you and your family or your business. Whether its a once-off or regular contract, our services will be carried out to the highest standard.

    Trusted staff all round
    We take pride in our staff, and be this as it may, temptation is a big factor when dealing with your personal belongings. Our staff has all signed a contract whereby we are given permission to carry out polygraph tests as part of the effort to disqualify any blame towards theft or deliberate breakage and/or damage.


    Office Cleaning
    Your office is the front of your business. a Clean and fresh office will make your day as well as that of your clients. From one office to a whole block of offices, we will tailor your package.

    Domestic / Reidential, Flats and Rentals
    With our wide range of Cleaning Equipment and services on offer, we will tailor a package around your needs for your house, holiday home or flat. Whether its a once off or on-going experience, you will never be disappointed.

    Commercial and Industrial
    Whether new or existing Commercial properties. Our all-round cleaning services are available from scrubbing and cleaning a cement or concrete floor to the reception area and toilette areas.

    Carpets, Upholstery in Vehicles, Boats and more…
    Would you like a personal cleaning service to your Vehicle or boat. Your Upholstery, Carpets, Engine, you name it and we will do it.

    Other Services
    Site Cleaning ( Building Materials and cleaning up )
    After Party Cleaning
    Specialised Area cleaning

    You want anything cleaned….. give us a call.


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    Off Van Breda & Brink Rd, Barborossa, Constantia 7806, Western Cape, South Africa
    079 985 8626

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